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 - Мульти-Мост_2008_Зрители на площади Суворова (Троицкий мост)

Metamorphosis 2.0. Горизонталь

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Competitions 2013




Dear frinds, we invite you to take part in our competitions! Best selection of the  animated films competitions will be screened at Multi-Brdge St.Petersburg - Amsterdam,  in the unique open-air “cinema hall” in the very heart of St. Petersburg and Amsterdam on the night of July of 19 to 20. The lifted section of the Troitsky drawbridge facing the Hermitage museum would then become a screen for cine-street-art in St.Petersburg. The screen will measure over 400 square meters, rising high above the city streets. Tens of thousands city residents and guests will be our audience. In Amsterdam film competitions will be screened at Magere Brug by our partner festival KLIK! The screens at the bridges will be united by telebridge and audience in both cities can see each other and share their love to animation!. Admission free.

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Best “Life and the City” short animated film
Competition of the International Art Forum graFFFest 2013, the International Festival of Animation Arts “Multivision and the International Animated Film Festival KliK! Amsterdam

The city as modern man environment, urban tribes, urban rites, urban tales; urban jungle - nature 2,0 vs. wild nature; love and the city, art and the city; how city life influence on human behaviour; trends of urban civilization is the theme for the our animated film competition.

The winner will be awarded with the prize 500 euro by TV channel “True Scare TV”.

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The Best “Cats and the City” animated viral film
Only films hosted on Youtube or Vimeo with no less than 100 000 views can participate in the competition

The competition is dedicated to the image of a cat as a totem animal of modern urban citizen and Muse (or better Mews) of street and internet art. Cat’s omnipresence and independence are highly appreciated by anonymous user, the main inhabitant of the world wide web. Amazing ability to get into where nobody can get, and to do whatever it wants makes street artist to give so much value to cats. For metropolis inhabitants petting a cat is the only chance to enjoy the nature. Cat as a trickster makes urban bustle and internet traffic a game, causing CATartic laughter of people, exhausted by civilization. The omnipresent and omnipotent Kitteh - the theme of our competition. The competition celebrates cat connection of Amsterdam and St.Petersburg: people in both cities adore cats, and the cities are famous by their museum cats: The Hermitage cats in St Petrsburg and Kattenkabinet in Amsterdam

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