конкурс скетчей: граффити в арт-пространстве “Красное знамя”

Участвуй и голосуй!

конкурс : твое граффити на дворцовом мосту

Участвуй и голосуй!
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The International Art-Forum graFFFest 2012 program
1-31 of July

“Trading places”
At the Outdoor Street Art Museum specially created prints of contemporary artists, traditionally only seen in art galleries, will be showcased on 3x1.8 billboards around the city center, and an exhibition of street art will be held in the AL Gallery

12 - 18 of July

“Tribute to M.C. Escher”
At the “Red banner” Cultural Center, the artists of the Lastplak crew from the Netherlands will team up with the best Russian street-artists to paint an industrial chimney in the optical illusion style that made the Dutch painter world-famous.
The 75-meter high chimney with a 1500m2 surface area will become the tallest street-art object in Russia

The night of July 19

Multi-Bridge “Saint-Petersburg - Amsterdam”
The “Multi-Bridge” event will take place simultaneously on the night of July 19th on the Troitsky bridge in Saint-Petersburg and on the iconic Magere Brug over the Amstel river in Amsterdam. During the event, short animated films from all over the world will be presented to the public. The films for are selected by the “Multivision” Festival and its partner - the KLIK! Amsterdam festival. The screens on the two bridges will be connected by a telebridge. The screening will feature the international competition of animated shorts at the theme of “Life and the City”, the best Dutch animated films and the “Cats and the City” cat viral video competition. The gigantic, 400m2 screen will dominate over the huge area of the Neva embankment and Marsovo field. The “Multi Bridge” will be the main event of graFFFest 2013.



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